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Houston: The Next ‘Global Food Mecca’?


When people think of the most diverse food city in America, they think of New York City. With how culturally diverse the historical city is, it makes sense. Each year, though, Houston becomes more and more culturally diverse as well. Some people even say that Houston has already became the next global food mecca.

A few years ago, Jeremy Lin left New York City after being signed to the Houston Rockets. At the time, famous chef David Chang jokingly said that he was moving to Texas to open a Momofuku just so he could watch Lin play basketball. Needless to say, we here in Clutch City didn’t appreciate the joke.

It seems that Chang has learned his lesson, though. This week, the chef readily admitted that he wished he could open a new restaurant here in our beloved Houston.

“If I ever leave New York, I’m moving to Houston. This time I’m not joking.”

Underbelly Houston's Global Food Mecca
Chris Shepherd’s Underbelly

The renowned chef recently wrote an article, declaring Houston to be the next Global food mecca. It may have taken Chang a little while to jump on the bandwagon, but the man finally understands just how unique the Houston food scene really is.

“By some measures”, Chang explains, “Houston is the U.S.A.’s most ethnically diverse city (a bunch of New Yorkers just choked on their halal kebabs reading that, but it’s true), and when you get a collision of immigrants, the food scene is guaranteed to be bonkers.”

Oxheart Houston's Global Food Mecca
Justin Yu’s Oxheart

The Houston food scene is very big on mixing the existing cultures and food until you have something out of this world. Houston’s growing Vietnamese population, and the Cajun influences from Louisiana, have inspired a delicious hybrid. When you blend the two together you find a kind of nirvanah that you didn’t think could exist.

While Chang seems happy with the whole of the Houston Food Scene, he does give a shout out to a few other chefs that he thinks are going above and beyond with their food. Justin Yu of Oxheart, and Chris Shepherd from Underbelly both received rave reviews for their unique menus.

Whatever the case may be, it seems like the rest of the world will soon discover what Houstonians already know; that our food is out of this world.


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