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Michael Berry Moonshine Release


‘Shine Down Texas

Michael Berry Moonshine Releases  New Flavors

Michael Berry, Republican talk show czar, is well known in the Houston area. He’s a big supporter of local businesses, and local musicians often get their first big gig at his Redneck Country Club in Stafford. Lately, Berry has even tried his hand at liquor sells, and it seems like he still has that magic touch with his band of Michael Berry Moonshine.

Michael Berry Moonshine has been extremely popular since its release. Sitting at 100 proof, it’s one of the highest proof moonshines on the market. When it was first released, Michael Berry Moonshine came in two flavors; apple pie and blueberry cobbler.

First released at the famous Redneck Country Club, the moonshine took off. Now, the ‘shine is available at Spec’s, another Houston landmark, Gringo’s, Jimmy Changas, Coltivare, and Berry Hill Baja Grill.

With such high acclaims on the original two flavors, it seems like the perfect time to expand on the brand. Of course, Berry is a head of the game and has already beat us to it. Not only has he released three new flavors (cherry, peach, and the good old unflavored ‘white lightning’), he has also given his brand a new patriotic label. What’s next for Michael Berry Moonshine?

Oh, did we mention that there’s a limited edition Pecan Pie flavor available at the Downtown Spec’s on Smith Street? No? You’re welcome.

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