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Zika Virus: Virus Begins its US Spread


Cases of the Zika Virus have been reported in Florida


In the past few weeks, there have been two confirmed cases of the Zika virus in Florida. Both cases are connected to mosquito transmission. The virus can also spread  by sexual transmission or traveling to Zika infested countries. There are no mosquito spread cases currently in Texas. Health care officials, however, still warn citizens to be on the look out.

The wet, humid climate of Houston is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, as all native Houstonians know very well.

A spokesman with the Houston Health Department,  Porfirio Villarreal, has stated tcity plans on attaching informative flyers to all water bills in Harris county to inform citizens of the risks.  The city is also putting information on buses to try and reach a larger audience.

There have been 76 cases of the Zika virus reported in Texas, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services, since July 25th, 2016. Of those 76 cases, 21 were reported in Harris County, though, luckily, all 21 cases have been ruled to be travel-related rather than mosquito spread.

If you have recently visited areas that are high in Zika virus cases, please be sure to stop by your doctor’s office and get tested. The virus can prove dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn children.

Image Source CDC Avoid Mosquito Bites

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