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Wal-Mart Sells Cars?!

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What Can’t You Buy at Wal-Mart?

Wal-Marts are all over the world these days. You can’t go too far before you find one. And why not? They sell nearly everything you would need, and the prices are (usually) reasonable. By 2018, Wal-Mart plans on expanding what the sell. By next year, you’ll start to see ‘Wal-mart sells cars now!’ plastered all over Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and even Pheonix!

So far, a total of 25 Wal-Mart stores, spread out between Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Pheonix, have come on board for the idea. By April 1st of next year, there will be kiosks in select Supercenters dedicated to selling new, used or certified pre-owned vehicle, as well as financing and insurance as well.

CarSaver plans on establishing partnerships with not only AutoNation Inc., the largest new-vehicle retailer in the country, but with Ally Financial as well. You’ll be given a list of cars, depending on your search criteria, in a 15-mile radius of the Wal-Mart kiosk. If you like what you see, you simply make an appointment and finalize the sale at the listed dealership. Easy, right?

Does it sound too good to be true? A lot of people thought so too, at first. Which quickly prompted Wal-Mart to run a trial in Flordia, in April of last year. Reports show that an astounding 80% of interactions with the kiosks resulted in a purchased vehicle! Can you imagine numbers like that in Houston?

Reports are showing a possible $1.2 BILLION dollars of revenue from this new idea! Of course, that’s nothing compared to what Wal-Mart makes in a single year, but it could be a godsend for Carsaver, AutoNation, and Ally Finacial!

It doesn’t matter if you’re jumping for joy over ‘Wal-Mart sells cars now’ or not. You have to admit, they’re ahead of the game at this point in time. After all, you don’t see Target selling cars, do you? Not yet at least.

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