American Astronomicl Society 229th Meeting Galaxy

229th American Astronomical Society


The American Astronomical Society meets in Texas

Every two years, the greatest minds in astronomy, astrophysics, and planetary science meet at the biannual American Astronomical Society (AAS) to discuss advances. This year, the AAS is headed to Grapevine Texas for their meeting.

It’s no surprise that the AAS would pick Texas to host the 229th biannual meeting. After all, Houston is home to NASA’s mission control center. However, the conference isn’t taking place in Space City, but rather in a small suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth called Grapevine.

The event boasts more than 1,600 lectures, short American Astronomicl Society 229th Meeting Galaxyspeeches, and presentations covering new discoveries involving all thing space. Currently, it’s estimated that around 2,400 teachers, students, scientists, and journalists will be in attendance this week for the conference.

A highlighted discussion is the search for ‘Planet Nine‘, a planet 10 times the size of earth that could be hovering just outside of the solar system. The nature of dark matter and energy are another hot topic, especially after the death of Vera Rubin. This year’s convention, however, will also discuss the political climate that can affect the outcome of America’s space program.

The biggest news, however, for the convention is the news of a full solar eclipse happening in 2017. On August 21st, a 70-mile band from the coast of Oregon to the coast of South Carolina will experience the eclipse.

We can’t wait to see the newest advances made the last two years! Here’s to another great year for the American Astrological Society.

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