Super Bowl LI Houston Texas

Houston’s Super Bowl LI Fever!


Super Bowl LI will be Hosted in Houston, Texas!

The countdown has already started!

Super Bowl LI is six months away and Houston is already in an uproar. Recently, it has been confirmed that our very own NGR stadium will be home to the 2017 game. Fans are excited, and plans are already being made! This is the third time that Space City will host the iconic game, and the second time it will be hosted in the NRG stadium (though, at the time, it was still known as Reliant Stadium).

While the Texans look like  long shot, fans would go crazy if our home team got a chance to play in their home arena. The Texans may have won the AFC South 9-7 last season, but it was, by far, the worst division in the league. To top it off, we were shut out in our only playoff  game. Fans will keep their fingers crossed, though!

NRG Stadium seats 71,500 people, and it’s going to be tough to land a seat for this Super Bowl. 17.5% of the tickets will go to each of the playing teams, 5% will go to the Texans for hosting the game, 1.2% will go to each of the remaining 29 teams in the NFL, while the NFL claims a large 25.2% chunk of the tickets. If you don’t have season tickets, though, don’t worry! You can go to and enter the yearly lottery that allows 500 fans the option to purchase two tickets!

Football season can’t start any sooner!

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