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Super Bowl LI: Atlanta Falcons VS New England Patriots

Baseball may still call itself ‘the Great American Pastime’, but if we’re being honest, that spot was taken over by football a long time ago. Add in just how important football is in Texas, and you can understand why Houston was ready to roll out the red carpet this past weekend. Sure, we lost out on our dreams of having an All-Texan-Super-Bowl-In-Houston, but we can always try again in 2035! That being said, just because we welcomed in teams from Atlanta and New England doesn’t mean that Super Bowl LI wasn’t a nail biter!

The game started with Former President George H. W. Bush flipping the first coin toss. The Atlantic Falcons won the toss but deferred until the second quarter. The Falcons came to play, though, and walked away with a score of 14-0 after the first quarter.

It looked like the Patriots were going to try and make a comeback in the second quarter, but thanks to Blount’s fumble, the Falcons managed to raise the score to 21-0. There has never been such a huge score deficit in both Tom Brady, and head Patriot coach Bill Belichick had ever faced. Not only that, but no team had ever managed to come back and win the Super Bowl after the opposing team found themselves up by two touchdowns.

When halftime, and Lady Gaga’s stunning drone fill performance was over, the score stood at 21-3, after Stephen Gostkowski managed a field goal at the end of the second quarter.

Moving into the third quarter brought Atlanta up to 28-3, and everyone had their money firmly on the Falcons. After all, there was no way New England would be able to recover from this. You’d be wrong.

By the end of the game, the New England Patriots managed to make NFL history at the Houston-hosted Super Bowl LI. Not only did they manage to overcome the biggest point difference in Super Bowl history, they also managed to win the game in the first ever Super Bowl in overtime.

In the end, it was anyone’s game, but thanks to the Patriot’s tenacity, they took home their 5th Super Bowl championship, all while making Houston’s Super Bowl LI one for the history books.

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