Danger Zone: the 82 Dangerous Houston Intersections


HOUSTON – Welcome to Houston, Texas! We may not be the capital city of the great state of Texas, but we are the largest city in the state, fourth largest city in the United States, home to Mission Control for NASA, and home to the most dangerous intersections in Texas?

Recently, Houston attorney Brain White compiled a report on dangerous intersections in Texas.  Unfortunately, Houston ranked at the top, with 82 dangerous intersections. San Antonio follows with 36 dangerous intersections, Dangerous Intersections in HoustonDallas with 34, Lubbock with 26, and Plano with 10. Not only are there  82 dangerous Houston intersections, we’re home to 13 of the top 20 intersections. The study spans from 2012 to 2015. During those three years, Houston was witness to a 42% increase of accidents happening at intersections.

Just how are these numbers compiled, though? It’s really easy, actually. Each accident at an intersection is worth one point. For each injury, 3 more points are added, with death from the accident counting as ten points.

Danger Score Formula: Accident(x1) + Injury(x3) + Fatality(x10) = Danger Score

Top 10 Dangerous Houston Intersections

  1.  Bissonnet St and Sam Houston PKWY – 1124 Danger Score – 1st State Wide
  2.  Hardy Rd and Sam Houston PKWY –  772 Danger Score – 2nd State Wide
  3.  Sam Houston PKWY and Westheimer Rd – 752 Danger Score – 3rd State Wide
  4.  Main St and South Loop – 657 Danger Score –  6th State Wide
  5.  Green Rd and IH45 – 644 Danger Score – 7th State Wide
  6.  Main St and Sam Houston PKWY – 638 Danger Score – 8th State Wide
  7.  Beechnut St and Sam Houston PKWY – 597 Danger Score – 9th State Wide
  8.  Sam Houston PKWY and Westpark Tollway – 498 Danger Score – 11th State Wide
  9.  Hammerly BLVD and Sam Houston PKWY – 477 Danger Score – 14th State Wide
  10.  Sam Houston PKWY and Veterans Memorial Dr – 468 Danger Score – 15th State Wide

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