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Hurricane Ike’s 8 Year Anniversary


Eight Years Later

Galveston County still struggles with damage from Hurricane Ike

Has it really already been eight years since Hurricane Ike devastated the Texas coastline? It seems like just yesterday that citizens from the Galveston and South Houston areas packed their belongings and fled the category 4 storm. Remembering the fiasco that was the evacuation of Hurricane Rita, we were much better prepared for the dangerous storm, though it still managed to leave deep scars on our home.

After the storm has ended, and cleanup efforts began, 500 buildings qualified for a grant to help in their removal. Now, eight years later, there around 200 homes and business that still require cleanup. Out of these buildings, 34 have recently been demolished, with another 15 scheduled to be razed to the ground. Most of the remaining buildings are located in San Leon and on Bolivar Peninsula.

Delays in removing the buildings have been caused by probate court, foreclosure proceedings, and time to determine if any of the buildings scheduled to be destroyed have any historical significance.

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