Texas Heat Wave

Texas Heat Wave Roasts the State


Texas Heat Wave Sweeps Across the State

If you’ve ever spent a summer in Texas, you know just how it can get.You know just how quickly the temperature can shoot up when you aren’t looking. This month, though, it seems that a Texas heat wave has its sites set on Houston.

Today marks the third day in a row that Houston has issued a heat adversary for 1pm until 7pm as the temperature flirts with triple digit degrees. Citizens are cautioned to stay indoors during those times and to avoid outdoor activities. They are also cautioned to wear loose fitting clothing to help combat the heat.

It may only be the August 10th, but the lowest high temperature this month in Houston has been a sizzling 97 degrees. Normally around this time of year, our highs range around 95 with lows of 75. Not this year, it seems. With the high humidity levels, the heat index is even higher, rising to a frightening 113 degrees in parts of our fair city.

With such high temperatures and heat indexes, we caution parents to remember not to leave their children in parked cars. In the past 12 years, 500 children have died in cars during the summer. Please, stay alert and take your children inside with you.

Hopefully, the 30-40% chance of rain over the next week will help stop this heat wave in its tracks.

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