colostrum protein

5 effects of colostrum protein!

Colostrum is breast milk secreted between 1 and 7 days after childbirth. However, a product we commonly call colostrum protein, first-milk protein, refers to the iodization of cow milk secreted within 72 hours. Let’s find out why colostrum is good for health.

Colostrum protein is rich in immunity. It is relatively low in sugar and fat and is relatively rich in protein and minerals. In particular, because it is rich in immune-boosting ingredients, it has an excellent effect on preventing diseases caused by invasion from outside such as bacteria and viruses.
In addition, first-milk protein is beneficial to the intestine, making the intestine healthy and helping digestion. It is rich in protein, so it has the effect of producing bones or muscles and maintaining a healthy state.
Colostrum is popular not only for children but also for adults’ ultra-yup protein for muscle strengthening diet immunity.

Colostrum protein efficacy. 초유단백질


1. Rich growth hormone.
It is rich in growth hormones due to its colostrum protein effect. This is effective for the development and growth of growing children. It prevents aging of not only children but also adults, contributes to skin regeneration, and helps improve blood vessel elasticity.

2. Improving immunity.
Lactoferrin, rich in colostrum protein effects, can protect the body from invasion of external viruses and bacteria and boost immunity. Protein components promote the production of bones, muscles, and cartilage in our body and promote cells needed for recovery in case of damage, helping us heal quickly.

3. Intestinal health.
first-milk protein protects the intestinal mucosa while strengthening the barrier. It also helps release bacteria and waste from the intestines. In particular, it helps the growth of lactobacillus, so it is effective to take it with lactobacillus. People with constipation or enteritis can improve their intake if they consume it steadily.

4. Weight control.
Protein gives you a feeling of fullness and helps you lose weight. A protein diet also helps to prevent muscle loss caused by weight loss, and mainly consumes high-protein foods such as chicken breast boiled eggs and protein powders. Colostrum powder also helps diet with the effect of first-milk protein, and it is known that consistent consumption of herbal protein lowers body fat.

5. Strengthen muscles.
Colostrum is rich in protein that is important for muscle production and promotes synthesis, strengthening muscles and improving muscle strength. It helps build muscles after exercise and helps restore muscles quickly.

How should I choose the first-milk protein?

It is recommended to refer to the following five things to choose the first-milk protein.

1. It’s good to come from a cow grazing nature.
2. It is good to have milk within 24 hours of childbirth.
3. It is recommended to contain vegetable protein along with animal protein.
4. It is recommended to have a high content of colostrum protein content is high.
5. Protein made by low-temperature drying is recommended.