BTS Tattoo – Jimin, Jungkook, RM and More

You’ve probably noticed that BTS members have tattoos 타투도안 on their bodies. The latest tattoo on Jimin reads “youth”. It’s an homage to a dancer, while Jungkook’s is a heart. And RM’s tattoo has a ‘7’. The tattoos aren’t necessarily for displaying your fandom; they’re just a way to show support for the band.

BTS Jimin’s new tattoo says “youth”

If you’re a fan of BTS, you might want to take a look at Jimin’s new tattoo. The ink is in 4k and is similar to Jungkook’s writing. Fans have been raving about the new ink. The placement of the tattoo is also getting a lot of attention.

The new tattoo was first revealed during the group’s last concert, PTD On stage In Seoul. It is a crescent moon, and it says “youth.” Although the singer has yet to confirm whether the tattoo is permanent, it’s still a fun look to see!

Fans are also excited about Jimin’s new tattoos. The new designs are inked on his neck and back. He chose a crescent moon and a youth design to adorn his neck. It’s hard to miss both of these designs, and fans are going gaga for them!

BTS Jungkook’s tattoo has a heart

BTS’s Jungkook got a tattoo last summer, which some fans believe represents his love for his members. Inked on his right ring finger is a tattoo of the letter “ARMY” (the inverted “V” of the fandom). The “J” on top of the ‘M’ stands for his brothers Jimin and Jin, and underneath is a heart. The tattoo is the result of the artist’s dedication to his BTS fans.

This tattoo symbolizes the band’s “ARMY,” a group made up of fans who believe in the band’s music. The tattoos are made in black ink, and are inscribed with the group’s name and logo. BTS members have their own tattoos on their hand, as well. Fans believe that the tattoos stand for each member. They also include the BTS logo.

Fans believe that Jungkook got the tattoo in late May, but he has not confirmed it. The tattoo was revealed during BTS’ 2021 Muster Sowoozoo in mid-June. The phrase “Never Quit” was also visible on his arm during the July 29 VLIVE. Fans also speculated that the word “Winners” is positioned above the word “Never Quit,” but Jungkook has not confirmed this.

BTS J-hope’s tattoo is a tribute to a dancer

BTS members have long had a love for dance, and J-hope’s new tattoo honors a dancer. A tattoo of the Achilles tendon, a vulnerable area on the heel, is fitting for a member who is known for his passion for the dance floor. Though he’s not the smallest member of the group, he is the one with the highest tolerance for alcohol.

The BTS members recently debuted their new tattoos. Jungkook has a tattoo of a microphone on his arm, while V has a tattoo of the “7” on his finger. The tattoo of RM is the same design as J-hope’s, but has a different color. The tattoo also features a dancer’s name, but the artist has not revealed whether the dancers have a tattoo of each other yet.

The other members of the group have tattoos of digits. Jungkook has a tattoo of the digit “0613” on his lower thumb. This tattoo is not too prominent, and is subtle enough to not be noticed by the general public.

RM’s tattoo is a ‘7’

The leader of BTS, RM, recently revealed his first tattoo on his body. It is a delicate ‘7’, which is likely a reference to the seven members of BTS and their upcoming 2020 album. The tattoo has sparked speculation among the group’s fans, or ARMYs.

The tattoo is a tribute to his love for BTS. The members of BTS all have matching tattoos. It’s thought that RM’s tattoo represents his love for the band. Before getting the tattoo, RM had resisted getting inked. However, he is now ready to show off his tattoo on various occasions.

RM shared an image of his ankle tattoo on his Instagram Stories. The ‘7’ is a reference to the group, as the group’s name is also a ‘7’. This ‘7’ has deep meaning for BTS, and the members also chose this design for their new album. Moreover, the band decided to announce the album’s release on Twitter.