Clowns Threaten Houston Schools

Security increases after Clowns Threaten Houston Schools

In the last few months, there has been an increase in numbers of ‘creepy clown’ sightings and attacks throughout the country. It’s not completely uncommon to hear urban legends about clowns as Halloween draws close, but this nation wide scare is going above and beyond that. HPD has started investigating after the creepy clowns threaten Houston Schools.

While Houston Police Department have determined that the clown’ threats are currently not credible, they are not taking any chances. creepy clowns threaten Houston SchoolsExtra police offers have been making patrols around the mentioned schools.

Houston Independent School District sent a voice mail out to parents Monday morning. While they didn’t mention added security, the message did assure parents that student safety is their top priority.

“Over the last several days, non-specific threats to schools in Houston and surrounding school districts have been posted to social media. Please know all students are safe. HISD police and other law enforcement agencies have determined the threats were not credible. Out of an abundance of caution, police are monitoring the situation. Teaching and learning are continuing as usual. Though the threat is not believed to be credible, we are taking every precaution possible to ensure safety. Please know we take all threats seriously as the safety or our students and staff is always or top priority.”

As the clowns threaten Houston Schools, Spring, Alvin, and Goose Creek Consolidated ISD  increased the security levels in their schools. Sheldon ISD is also taking extra precautions after a threat on Instagram mentioned “C.E. King” by name. They have since stepped up security at both C.E. King Middle School and High School.

Another social media page named seven schools in southeast Texas, apparently in connection with another threat, calling those locations “main targets.” Police said they do not believe that the threat is credible.